What Others Are Saying!

"Wow! We have had a lot of great feedback in addition to the comments attached. Thanks Again!"

Rhonda Grimshire CHS

Team Lead, Financial Services

"Your overall rating was the highest in the conference...You can't get any better than that!

D. Brooke Phemister

Manager, National Conferences

"It was amazing how quickly time went by.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and the feedback I received was certainly positive! You're a great speaker and very easy to listen to..."

Louise Paffrath

Director, Exectuive & Business Administration

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"Eliot has an entertaining way of bringing home the power of non-verbal communication and its pre-eminent importance in persuasive business"

Elsom Eldridge Jr.

Conference Attendee: Orlando, FL

"Eliot Hoppe is an energetic and exciting speaker. He couples humor wth valuable information to deliver a truly fabulous presenation"

Lisa McLellan

Conference Attendee: Chicago IL

"He not only delivered great information, he was very entertaining and everyone in the room enjoyed the experience!"

Judy Munroe

Conference Attendee: Atlanta GA

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