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Whether you are looking for a one hour dynamic keynote presentation or a fun filled and educational full day workshop, our entertaining programs are guaranteed to make your next event memorable.  

Deception Detection: The Truth About Lying

In business and in life, deception is everywhere.  Decoding the cues of lying, masking and deceptive behaviour is revealed through the body, face and eyes.  Learn how to quickly decode these emotions and gain a sound understanding of what the other person is really doing, thinking and saying!  

Body Language Influence: The Science of Silence

See what you have been missing!  This motivational, educational and inspiring program teaches audience members how to become an irresistible communicator both in business and in life. Learn how make a memorable impression, build rapport instantly and accurately decode the variety of emotions that influence anyone's thoughts, behaviour and attitude. 

HR Body Language: The Silent Signals In The Workplace

Within any organization, difficult conversations occur.   This informative program delivers the secret behind how the mind is influenced both positively and negatively and what to do about it.  Participants will walk away with new found tools, strategies and techniques in influence, to lead people, motivate teams and simply get others to say "yes!"

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Body Language Of Leaders: Moving Teams & Motivating People

What makes great leaders stand out? This program reveals the secrets of communication, influence and persuasion. Without words, where we sit, how we project signals and demonstrate interest will have a direct impact on the overall outcome.  Learn how to break the barriers of resistance easily and how to lead the mind unconsciously to a collaborative state.

Persuasive Linguistics: The Secret Mindset To Powerful Presentations

Have you ever wondered how effective speakers convey their thoughts and ideas so easily and effectively? This exciting program is guaranteed to reveal the secrets behind the words which motivates us to comply, influences us to decide and persuades us to move forward in our thoughts and in our mind. This program reveals the secrets that marketing companies have known for years. Imagine being skilled at speaking with confidence and along with a new empowered mindset, easily delivering a compelling presentation to anyone at anytime.

Advanced Neuro-Sales Training: The Psychology Of Mind Influence

Excitingly, this program takes a deep dive into the world of business communication, collaborative influence and ethical persuasion. This extremely informative seminar can be delivered in a variety of formats to suit your team's schedule. Additionally, this seminar introduces audience members to the new science behind all three communication styles: Verbal; Non Verbal and Body Language Communication. Considered by many to be the leading edge in decoding the psychology of  influence, this program is guaranteed to please even the most seasoned veteran in professional sales!

Elite Performance Sales Training

The Elite Performance Sales Training program is applicable to anyone in professional sales and sales management who desires to effectively influence, persuade, lead and communicate with confidence with anyone, at any time.   This exciting, interactive and fast paced training delivers the secrets behind the words and persuasive language, how non verbal influence can affect the outcome of the sale and the imminent importance of  body language communication during the sales meeting. This highly informative training in advanced communication is a minimum of  twenty one instructional hours and can be delivered over an extended period of time to ensure the long term implementation of each of the skills learned.

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