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Communicate With Confidence

October 4th - Online

3 hour Live Seminar

Discover the three secrets to becoming a master communicator, unlocking your potential to effortlessly connect with anyone, anytime.

Have you ever wondered what sets apart those who can close any sale with ease or managers that can lead teams effortlessly?

Communication, influence and persuasion are learned skills.

Join us for a 3 hour online clinic as we delve into the depths of conscious and subconscious communication and the three secrets to unlocking influence without taking on negativity. You will learn how to instantly take someone from a venting mode to a resourceful mode.

If you have ever been told "You're such a good listener" and feel like you take on other people's problems and negative energy then this is for you.

Learn the proven techniques that have propelled influential figures like Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey to success in the way they ask extremely powerful questions.

Discover how to influence, persuade, communicate, and present with unwavering confidence (and even enjoy it!)

Sign up now for this extraordinary virtual training experience! It will be fun, fast paced and "Enter-training".

Personal Power Weekend

September 23 & 24 - Calgary

2 Day Live Event - Holiday Inn

Are you looking to take your communication skills to the next level?

Introducing NLP Essentials: The Ultimate Communication Masterclass, a two-day training on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Learn how to use language patterns, decode body language and learn the influence techniques to get better results in less time.

Discover how effective communication can help strengthen relationships, close sales faster and improve customer satisfaction.

This training is designed for anyone who wants to become more skilled in connecting with others and conveying their message with precision.

By participating in this masterclass, you’ll be able walk away equipped with advanced techniques that enable smoother conversations between individuals or groups of any size. Equally important – have fun learning about yourself along the way!

Sign up now for NLP Essentials – The Ultimate Communication Master Class today!

Class size is limited so don’t wait too long!

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Rhonda Grimshire CHS

Team Lead, Financial Services

"Wow! We have had a lot of great feedback in addition to the comments attached. Thanks Again!"

Judy Munroe

Conference Attendee: Atlanta GA

"He not only delivered great information, he was very entertaining and everyone in the room enjoyed the experience!




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