NLP Practitioner Certification

May 14-15 & 28-29, 2022

This is the Ultimate Introduction into Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the world of reading, understanding and persuading people!

Who is this training for? Absolutely anyone who needs to influence others easily and effectively! What you will learn in two days, others won't learn in a lifetime. If you are someone who invests in themselves, wants to close more business, be fearless in a presentation or simply get the life you want then this is the information that works for you!

What do you need to be successful when learning NLP?

You need to have a degree of ambition, courage, discipline and honesty, and a desire to make the very best of your life beginning right now!

What skills will you learn?

Advanced knowledge to improve your communication and influence skills, secrets to improve your emotional flexibility and resilience, and ways to develop a multitude of skills to improve your mental state so that you can achieve peak performance in the context that is right for you.

Here's What Event Planners & Attendees Are Saying...

Rhonda Grimshire CHS

Team Lead, Financial Services

"Wow! We have had a lot of great feedback in addition to the comments attached. Thanks Again!"

Judy Munroe

Conference Attendee: Atlanta GA

"He not only delivered great information, he was very entertaining and everyone in the room enjoyed the experience!




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