Sat., Apr. 14 | Holiday Inn Express & Suites Calgary NW


Learn in four days what others learn in two Weeks! This advanced program is available to all Certified Practitioners. April 14; 15; 28; 29, 2018
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Time & Location

Apr. 14, 2018, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Calgary NW, 2373 Banff Trail NW, Calgary, AB T2M 4L2, Canada

About The Event

This comprehensive NLP Master Practitioner Certification course is guaranteed to help you understand a broad range of powerful tools, techniques, verbal and non-verbal communication skills that you can build into your life right away to either help yourself or other people to achieve mastery in any area of their personal or professional life.

This advanced NLP training includes over 40 hours of high-impact teaching that will open up your thinking to help you fully understand human behaviour, and intimately reconnect you with both your conscious and unconscious thought. Throughout this course, we will delve into the realms of advanced behavioural change work, breakthrough coaching, quantum linguistics, superior communication skills, decision making strategies and much more!

Upon completing this course, you will be able to conduct elegant NLP interventions at an implicit level, often having made a breakthrough intervention before your client realises that anything has happened. In this course, you will be able to observe advanced NLP demonstrations to help you develop as an effective Master Practitioner with all the most relevant accompanying skills.

this NLP Master Practitioner Course includes:

  • NLP presupposed beliefs and utilisation within change work.
  • Framing and Reframing, ability to create linguistic flexibility.
  • An actionable process for making values-based decisions
  • Epistemology, how we process information and know what we know.
  • Rapport, developing and maintaining someone’s attention and their responsiveness.
  • The Managing States, recognising, managing and creating desirable states.
  • Perceptual pacing, utilising filters to enhance the quality of information available.
  • Working with timelines, to use timeline interventions to create additional resources.
  • NLP Language Patterns, enhancing our verbal communication internally and externally.
  • Logical levels, recognising the level from which to manage and create lasting change.
  • Coaching with NLP, useful frameworks to conduct change work.

And much much more!

Who Should Attend?

Existing NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners who wish to revise and refine their understanding of advanced Neuro linguistic Programming.

  • This content rich NLP Master Practitioner course will benefit those who want to participate in an attendance based NLP Practitioner, or an NLP Master Practitioner training course.
  • NLP Master Practitioners commonly consist of therapists, counsellors, educators, business, sales and health care professionals, parents, individuals from all walks of life who want to focus on achieving greater results.
  • Experienced coaches or people looking to build a career in coaching (the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner qualifications are often sought after by prospective coaching clients).
  • This course is designed specifically for students who are looking for a certified professional coaching qualification who don’t have the time at the moment to take holiday or time off to attend a scheduled training course.
  • Business leaders, Influencers, Managers, Sales and marketing professionals are better able to develop long-term relationships for long-term business results.
  • Counsellors and therapists gain a new language and way of thinking, based on a proactive model, that focuses on solutions as opposed to an individual's pathology.
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    Balance Payment (895.00 + GST
  • NLP Master Certification - FP

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